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Portugal Misses Us...

Dear Friend,

I'd love to get out of Dodge. How about you?

Now more than ever, I could really use the escape of travel. One of my favorite parts of traveling, after all, is the way it consumes your attention and anchors you in the present moment. I love the way it removes you from the stressors of your normal life and work and events at home.

It's been a long month. Boy, could I use a vacation to Europe!

Though borders remain closed at the moment, we have come up with a cool new idea, a way to immerse yourself in another culture and place, try new foods and wines, and tune out the noise of the US. Join us online for a virtual weekend in Portugal, an immersive at-home experience.

Here are the details, and below are some fun features to whet your appetite for travel to this wonderous country on the tip of Europe. From the charm of Porto to the marvels of Sintra and Lisbon, Portugal is a fascinating country with deep history and vibrant cultural traditions.

See you on line,


Love Letter to Alfama
One of Lisbon's oldest neighborhoods is also one of its most invting. Check out our photos and impressions of this charming, cobbled neighborhood in the heart of town.

Pastel de Nata
Read our appreciation of this most classic of Portuguese desserts. This pastry has some fascinating origins, though you'll need to join us on line to learn to make it!


Music for Our Times
Fado has been called the blues music of Portugal, with its plaintive vocals. It resonates now more than ever. Watch this video of the performer who will headline our weekend!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Untours Foundation offers another Zoom event. Meet the founder of Ana Ono, a breast cancer survivor whose company makes beautiful bras for those fighting cancer.


Rent an RV & let us plan your trip!

Treat yourself or a loved one!


Sick of Your Own Cooking? 

New cooking class from Tuscany! Look for new classes this fall, including pasta making! Come for the food, stay for the company and fun! You'll finish with a feast.