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Feathering the Nest While You Wait to Fly

Dear Friend,

When was the last time you spent this much time at home? Can you remember such a time?

Fact is, we are grounded for the near future, possibly longer. As borders close, states move in and out of lockdown, and quarantines become common, many of us feel a little like our wings have been clipped. It is disorienting at best.

Hunkered down is the new normal. Our homes are our castles, and it is easy to think of those walls as fortifications. But all this time at home is inspiring some splendid nesting, from redecorating to cooking to creating garden homesteads and safe outdoor social spaces.

I try to channel the rustic charm of my favorite Tuscan farmhouse as I tend my back patio and garden beds. I hope you find inspiration in memories from past travel. Maybe new hobbies and domestic interests will inspire ideas for future trips too. Soon enough we'll all be back out there in the world again!

Take care,



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